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Hello, i am Katsuro! 👋

Missed $DOGE? Missed $SHIB? Missed $PEPE? Dont worry! $KATSU is here to find your lost funds.

Join our community!

Join our community on Telegram! you can chill & vibe with your fellow apes while $KATSU is looking for your lost funds.

Guaranteed moon!

While you chill & vibe with other community members, $KATSU is a 0/0 tax token.

Happy together, forever.

Find new friends, socialize and $KATSU will take care of the rest.

What makes $KATSU special?

Lovely community

In our ape crew, we're all about spreading good vibes and laughs where hugs are virtual, and the only drama is deciding what to snack on during our online gatherings!


$KATSU takes 5% of the development wallet and burns it. This poomps it!

Renounced CA

The contract is renounced, which ensures that nothing can be tampered with.

No bears, only apes

Lets swing through the financial jungle with unwavering resilience and unity. APE IN!

🍌 Tokenomics 🍌

$KATSU loves transparency, 5% will be taken from the 95% LP and get burned + used for our development team.

Marketing: ?% Community-Based

Buy & Sell: 0% / 0%

Burn Dev-Wallet: 5%

Liquidity Pool: 95%

Smart Contract Details

  • Blockchain

    Ethereum Request for Comment 20 (ERC-20)

  • Contract Address


  • Ticker


  • Token Decimals


  • Burn fee / per transaction

    manually burn

  • Buy / Sell

    0% / 0%

katsuro nakamuro smart contract


Download the whitepaper, check our SAFU report, our terms & conditions and the privacy policy.